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  DaliHub is a gateway between the Wi-Fi mobile devices with the luminaires and devices. The Wi-Fi mobile device (such as Android phone, iPhone, Tablet, Android enhanced smart TV or DaliTV box, Android Wear watch) installed with an application of DaliSuites sends out commands to DaliHub via the Wi-Fi router inside the house.  The received commands by DaliHub are translated into DALI codes that are then fed to the luminaires and devices.  The data communication between DaliHub and DaliSuites is by TCP/IP protocol, and also its security is protected by the 128 bit encryption of the Wi-Fi router.  Multiple Wi-Fi mobile devices can work with DaliHub at the same time, and no synchronizations between different Wi-Fi mobile devices are required.  Its Plug-and-Play capability works seamlessly with the following applications,    
1)  DaliPhone is installed on Android phone and iPhone for local Wi-Fi network.
2)  DaliPhone2 is installed on Android phone and iPhone for 4G LTE/3G/GSM mobile data network and Wi-Fi hotspot.
3)  DaliTablet is installed on Android 7 touch panel Tablet.
4)  DaliTV is installed on Android enhanced TV (like Sony Android TV), or Android TV box.
5)  DaliWatch is installed on Android Wear watch that has a 1.5" touch screen.
6)  DaliConfig is installed on Windows devices, like desktop or PC tablet.
Besides working with local Wi-Fi network, DaliHub is also equipped with a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) application layer protocol. The P2P architecture is used to connect DaliHub remotely by DaliPhone2 via 4G LTE/3G/GSM mobile data network or public Wi-Fi hotspot, and no re-configuration of Wi-Fi router for port-forwarding and DDNS (Dynamcic DNS) are required.  This remote function is especially useful when the user is not at home and wishes to control the luminaires and other devices (like motorized sunblind) in the house.


 Power Supply  5V AC/DC adapter
 Input  Cat 5 cable from the Wi-Fi router
 Output  DALI 2-wire cable
 Local connection  Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 protocol)
 Remote connection  4G LTE/3G/GSM mobile data network or public Wi-Fi hotspot
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