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  DaliConfig is a Windows based GUI (Graphical User Interface) software that is used to configure the luminaires and devices.  The configuration commands are sent from DaliConfig to DaliHub through WiFi or Ethernet connection. Then DaliHub translates the configuration commands into DALI codes, which are then fed to the luminaires and devices. There are seven basic functions provided by the DaliConfig, namely as follows,

1) Group setting
2) Scene setting
3) Sending out configuration commands to the luminaires and devices.
4) Direct Address Allocation.

Backup, restore, and diagnostics function for maintenance and replacement of luminaries and devices
6) Testing installation.
7) Searching addresses.
  Backup, Restore, and Diagnostics

DaliConfig provides three unique functions of Backup, Restore, and Diagnostics, which are specially designed for easy maintenance and replacement of luminaires and devices.  The maintenance personnel does not need to physically record the stored parameters in the memory of luminaires and devices.  When required, the backup data can be restored to the replacement fluminaries and devices at fingertips.

Backup - The DALI parameters stored in each luminaire/device are saved into a backup file.  The backup data include Short Address, Name, Actual Level, Maximum Level, Minimum Level, Power On Level, System Failure Level, Fade Time, Fade Rate, belonged to which Group, and assigned to which Scene at what light level.
Restore - The backup data saved in the computer file can be recalled and then transmitted to the replacement luminaire/device having the same Short address already assigned. By doing so, no manual input of data to the replacement luminaire/device is necessary.   Thus human error of inputting data can be prevented, and also it is convenient and time-saving.
Diagnostics - The Diagnostics function searches all Short addresses in the system and then compare them to the saved data in the computer file. The defective luminaire/device can now be found out.  By using the Direct Address Allocation, the replacement luminaire/device is assigned with the same Short Address of the defective one. Then the Restore function helps to push back the backup data into the replacement luminaire/device.

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