DaliSuites is a collection of mobile based software applications to be installed on Wi-Fi mobile devices (such as Android phone, iPhone, Tablet, Android enhanced smart TV or DaliTV box, Android Wear watch) and Windows PC.  The standard model is for 5-room application, and other room model is available upon request.  Within each room, one group each of luminaires, electrical outlets, and motorized sunblinds can be controlled anytime and at fingertip.

DaliSuites consists of three software modules, namely Lighting, Timer, and Camera.

Lighting - Send commands to DALI luminaires and devices
Timer - Set three scenes at a specified time for the selected room
Camera - Receive video feed from an IP camera

The data communication between DaliHub and DaliSuites is by TCP/IP protocol, and also its security is protected by the 128 bit encryption of the Wi-Fi router.  Its Plug-and-Play capability can automatically discover the IP address of DaliHub without the need of physical device configuration, and thus no manual searching is necessary.  Multiple Wi-Fi mobile devices can work at the same time with DaliHub, and no synchronizations between different Wi-Fi mobile devices are required.

DaliSuites consists of six mobile based software applications, and their details are illustrated as follows,

1)  DaliPhone is a phone application designed for controlling the luminaires and devices (such as outlet and sunblind) in five rooms.  The Plug-and-Play feature enables the phone to be connected seamlessly with the DaliHub at any time.  The light intensities and color temperatures can be adjusted by scrolling the slider bar.  Seven preset light level buttons are programmed for easy operation.  Personalized settings of light levels and two scenes in each room are convenient and user-friendly.  Also the status of luminaires and devices can be checked instantly.

2)  DaliPhone2 is a remote version of DaliPhone, which is based on P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology. No re-configuration of the Wi-Fi router at home for port-forwarding and DDNS (Dynamic DNS) are required.  When the user is outside the house and wants to control the luminaires or devices, DaliPhone2 can access DaliHub by 4G LTE/3G/GSM mobile data network or public Wi-Fi hotspot.  After authentication by a P2P server, the DALI command to control the luminaires and devices will be sent to DaliHub inside the house.

3)  DaliTablet is installed on Android 7? touch panel Tablet. It has a feature of scheduling the timer to control the scenes.  Three scenes in a 24-hour interval can be set to suit the user's desired Circadian Rhythm and to control the tunable white luminaires.  Also, it is especially helpful when the user is out of town for vacations, the luminaries can be turned on/off automatically by the timer.  When a visitor appears at the doorstep, DaliTablet can view who he/she is by capturing the images sent by an IP camera.

4)  DaliTV works with a remote control to control the luminaires and devices through an Android enhanced TV or an Android TV box being connected to a HDTV set.  It also interfaces with an IP camera to view the visitors at the doorstep.  DaliTV is specially designed for application of home theatre equipped with projector and rolling screen.

5)  DaliWatch is a Wi-Fi enabled wrist watch with touch screen capability, which controls the luminaires and devices.  Touching the buttons at the screen sends out the DALI command to DaliHub via the Wi-Fi router.  Its Plug-and-Play feature enables the watch to connect seamlessly with DaliHub anytime.

6)  DaliConfig is a Windows based GUI (Graphical User Interface) application, which sets the DALI parameters to maximum 64 luminaires and devices in the DALI system via DaliHub.  Settings of Group, Scene, Fade time, Fade rate, Max level, and etc. can be changed easily and at any time the user wants.  Installers can use the Windows Tablet to wirelessly install/commission and inspect the luminaires and devices.

Application Module

System requirement

 DaliPhone for Android phone  Lighting  Android 4.2 or above
 DaliPhone2 for Android phone  Lighting with remote access  Android 4.2 or above
 DaliPhone for iPhone  Lighting  Apple iOS 6 or above
 DaliPhone2 for iPhone  Lighting with remote access  Apple iOS 6 or above
 DaliTablet  Lighting, Timer and Camera  Android 4.4 or above
 DaliTV Box or Android Smart TV  Lighting and Camera  Android 4.2 or above
 DaliWatch  Lighting  Android 4.4 or above
 DaliConfig  Advanced  Windows XP or above

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