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  DaliTablet is a Wi-Fi Android 7 tablet that has a touch screen capability for controlling the luminaires and devices.  Touching the buttons at the screen sends out the commands to DaliHub via the Wi-Fi router. There are three software modules at the screen, namely Lighting, Timer, and Camera.

Lighting Module

The layout and functions of Lighting module are same as DaliPhone for ease to use.

Timer Module

The Timer module is especially suitable to schedule the light intensities and color temperatures of the luminaires in accordance with the user's desired Circadian Rhythm.  Three scenes can be set within a 24-hour interval, and their typical settings are shown the following table.  Brighter light with a cool white color is scheduled after waking up in the morning, and dimmer light with a warm white color is scheduled in the evening.  In the daytime the light fixtures are turned off to save energy.

Scene Time Illuminance CCT
Scene 11 7:00 am 300 lux Bright light 5300K Cool white
Scene 12 10:00 am 0 Turned off 0 Turned off
Scene 13 6:00 pm 100 lux Dim light 2700K Warm white

Also, it is particularly helpful when the user is out of town for vacations, the luminaires can be turned on/off automatically by the timer.   By doing that, strangers may think that there is someone inside the house.

Camera Module

The Camera module allows the user to view visitors at the doorstep, and the video feed comes from an IP camera mounted at the doorstep.

The IP camera is connected to the Wi-Fi router inside the house by local Wi-Fi network.  The video feed can also be viewed remotely by using a mobile phone app based on P2P (Peer-to-Peer) technology, which is transmitted by the 4G LTE/3G/GSM mobile data network or public Wi-Fi hotspot.  This remote feature is particularly helpful, when the user is away from home and wants to view visitors at the doorstep.

Two mounting options for DaliTablet are offered : surface mounted, and stand-alone.  The surfaced mounted option is installed on a wall box, so the AC/DC adapter is hidden inside the wall box.  The stand-alone option allows the DaliTablet to be rested on a stand, and the AC/DC adapter is plugged into a nearby outlet.


 Power Supply  5V AC/DC adapter
 Screen  7" TFT full color capacitive
 Android system  5.0 or above
 Local connection  Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11)
 Mounting  1) Surface mounted at a wall box
 2) Stand-alone rested on a stand

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