DALI stands for Digital Addressable Lighting Interface. It is a protocol set out in an International Standard IEC 62386 (formerly IEC 60929 Annex E) for the digital communication of the luminaires and devices.  It provides a bi-directional data transmission for all components within a DALI system, such that each device has its individual address when communicating with others.  Thus the components from different manufacturers (like, LED drivers, fluorescent ballasts, outlets, sunblind, relay modules, PIR sensors) can be mixed and matched into a single control system.

The DALI Standard is overseen by the AG-DALI, which is a working group set up by leading manufacturers and institutions in the field of digital lamp/luminaire control to promote DALI technology and applications.

Nowadays, DALI is getting more and more popular in Europe and Australia.  Major players (like Philips, Osram, Tridonic) are actively promoting this technology to the lighting industry.  Those 3 companies are offering full range of driver/ballast and control devices.  In North America, DALI name is not heard quite as often, but some people have already been using the technology but without knowing it.  For instance, EcoSystem incorporates Lutron proprietary enhancements to the DALI protocol, which was indicated in Lutron's white paper "Controlling LED".  Leading companies (like Crestron, Leviton, and Cooper Industries) are offering a comprehensive range of DALI control devices to the lighting industry. 

TMS Lighting supplies a wide variety of DALI controlled luminaires for residential and commercial applications.  Also Acuity Brands and Philips Lightolier are active in supplying the North America market with their DALI controlled luminaires.

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