DALI  Electrical

DALI power supply feeds the DALI bus with the current limited to a maximum of 250 mA and at a nominal voltage of 16VDC.  Since DALI is digital by nature, and thus its signal only has 2 level states (namely, high and low).  The high level state is created by the potential difference of 16V due to the nominal voltage of power supply; whereas the low level state is achieved by short circuiting the DALI signal wires to force the voltage level to 0V.  The luminaire/device consumes a maximum of 2 mA at high level state and sinks a minimum of 250 mA at low level state.  The high and low level states are defined as follows: 

   High level state

  • 11.5 to 20.5 V (transmitter)
  • 9.5 to 22.5 V (receiver)
   Low level state
  • -4.5 to 4.5 V (transmitter)
  • -6.5 to 6.5 V (receiver)
The maximum length of DALI bus depends on the wire gauge of the DALI bus. The length is linearly proportional to the cross section of the wire. For example, a 1.5 mm2 cable (which is typically used in lighting installation) allows a maximum bus length of up to 300 m.
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